keep that beautiful head up

keep holding on

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I barely thought about you today so that means I’m improving! I’m seeing some people and truly enjoying myself. If you could just escape my mind a little more, this may be a bit easier. But it’ll take time. And it’ll happen. Because I’m working on myself. I’m trying to stop being so fickle and trying to fully love myself. I’ve dropped over 20 lbs and keep meeting new people. I’m continuing to make really close friendships with people that I should be. I’m really having some fun ;)

Hope you’re doing “swell”

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tararaboombeeay asked: Hi, I'm bored and you're busy. -_- *le sigh*


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Anonymous asked: You are the most beautiful person that I've ever known. Just though you should know :)

this is very very sweet. made me smile. thank you :)

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inconspicuousbliss asked: hey. you are beautiful just the way you are. never forget that.

<3333 i love you, thank you.

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cougars002 asked: it's really late but congratulations on the license!

why are you the nicest person on the entire planet……..